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Agile Learning

Our workshops are designed for people who want to improve motivation, wellbeing and performance of a multicultural team. Our training is highly experiential and action-oriented.

Training Program

If you are looking to drive more fundamental change we can develop a customised training program with individual coaching sessions over several months. The learning is personalised, socialised and contextualised, to develop relational, affective and collaborative skills. We will evaluate progress and feedback regularly to adjust in real time to the needs of the team.


(Online) Courses

You can sign up for bite-sized, stand-alone workshops you can complete from anywhere around the world. Through incremental steps you can alternate between learning and doing, and gain different perspectives from your facilitator, colleagues and/or from others who join you in a global classroom.

You will be able to ask questions throughout and participate in interactive exercises. Courses include pre-work, have very practical follow up suggestions and material. Enrolment is continuous as space allows. You can also book 1:1 follow up coaching sessions. 

Get in touch to discuss customised group sessions and prices.


MBTI® Personality Framework

Increase your understanding of what your personality reveals about you. This session offers a framework that describes personality differences in a constructive and positive way. You will learn how to appreciate these individual differences and how to collaborate and communicate better with others in a remote or hybrid work setting.

This course includes:

          • 3 hours interactive (online) team session with exercises, and Q&A facilitated by a qualified MBTI practitioner.
          • Online questionnaire with detailed personalised report.
          • A digital copy of Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type that features detailed descriptions of the 16 MBTI types to help integrate it into your life.
          • Follow up cheat sheets and complimentary access to a companion website.

USD $199 per person.

Learn more about the course content

Managing Your Energy

We all have 24 hours in the day, it's a finite resource. 

But, your energy is a totally different story!

This course will teach you hands-on how to improve motivation, wellbeing and productivity in a remote or hybrid work setting. You'll learn the latest insights from research that will help you to increase you energy levels so you can get more out of the things that matter most to you, and get a better work life experience. Knowing how to maximise your energy and build good habits is also critical to build your resilience and feel less stressed, even if the situation you find yourself in is very challenging. 

This 3 hours course includes:

  • Interactive facilitated (online) live session(s) covering:

1. Why manage your four levels of energy and your timing;

2. Your motivation and strengths;

3. The balance between recovery and growth;

4. How to build habits to increase your energy;

5. Individual coaching session to draft your action plan.

  • Individual and team exercises.
  • Card game & cheat sheets.
  • 10 additional wellbeing challenges, reading & Ted Talks to help participants experiment with small habit changes each week and make progress towards positive behavioural changes. 

USD $199 per person. 

Learn more about the course content